Good Mornin’! (TobyMac!) {Feb 9, 2015}

Hullo Wurld! 
Hhhhow are you?! I’m doing fine and dandy here in Arizona…I mean Idaho….There has been a CRAZY heat wave. Highs in the 50s. What the. We’re using AC in the car. 
Chemical burn from whitening strips…ew
another one of the photo things my parents asked for…

Me with a bone at the Teton Dam sight…ew

annndd an envelope from Sister King….I would show you the drawings she sent but my camera died.

This week we had Korean food (it was good. Not like Takamatsu back home, but for Driggs, Idaho? Not bad!)
We lost two investigators due to parents not wanting us to teach them anymore, but we gained one back due to parents wanting to come back to church! Wow!
I’m happy and doing well. My thought this week is more of a reminder to myself than anything…

You see. I know that my time is ticking, I know I will be home soon, but that doesn’t really matter. There’s a reason I have these last few weeks left on my mission. There’s someone I need to talk to for a life to be changed. Maybe I just need it. Maybe I’m the one that needs the last weeks. Or maybe someone needs me. I don’t know. All I know is I can’t slow down or give up just because I’m nearly there. 
Have a great week everyone! I love you!
Sister Gale

Jedis and Elders {August 4, 2014}

Dear People of the World that read this,

I forgot to put this in last week but…
“What do mint chocolate chip ice cream, grass, and my new companion have in common? They’re all GREEN!!” Copyright Sister King 2014
But not really. You hear trainers say all the time that their greenie is training them or that they came pre-trained. Usually they’re not being literal. But I am. Seriously. Sister Whalen. My home girl from California. She’s already trained and she’s such a good missionary! She’s been out for three and a half months already but she has this thing DOWN. She’s pouring gasoline on this area (not literally).
This is what an old planner looks like next to a new one…


They get all puffy and dirty! Ew. 

Random Sister King cartoon from before she left me for Montpelier…
umm. Ugly moth.

​And day old kitten!!! 🙂



Quote from Caden H.
“Working out is my alcohol and sore muscles are my hang over”
(He’s wanting to be an amateur body building. Funny kid.) I love it when people act all tough and whatever but they’re just big softies. It entertains me every time.
We went on another Blitz this week. This time in the Elders’ area. We met a really cool guy that gave us a coupon thing for a free pizza at his pizza shop. FREE FOOD. yes. He was super prepared. Totally ready to be baptized I think.
We helped out at the Ammon Days thing. That was fun. I learn a little martial arts and broke a board. No big deal. The elders decided to break the board. with their heads. Elders…seriously. A couple of the elders got beat up by a 15 year old jedi kid in a sword fight thing. Funniest thing of my life. I can’t even begin to tell y’all what that looked like. I told the kid not to go easy on them, he said he only tries hard on his master. He still beat the snot out of the elders. Don’t worry. They’re mostly okay 🙂
Yeah. That was pretty much my week.
This week I’m doing a Mormon Message as my thought….
So yesterday our District Leader had some Young Women he wanted to go with us. We didn’t have appointments and we couldn’t go into the area where we were planning on going to, so we stayed in a different neighborhood. This neighborhood doesn’t have as much work as our others so we just needed houses to visit. We weren’t having much luck. So we prayed! And prayed and prayed and prayed. Finally one of the girls spoke up and said she might know of someone we could try to visit. So we went to the house ANDDDD no one was home. (Sad trombone sound). But then that cul-de-sac she took us to was one of mostly none members. So even though they weren’t home, we had other houses to try. Life is like that sometimes. Sometimes we are lead to areas we think are not helpful or answers to prayers, but it turns out that they were! They were a blessing in disguise. I love you all and hope everything is FANTASTIC this week!
Sister Gale

I am a Sunday-Saturday Warrior {July 28, 2014}

​Dear Huy Fong Foods (the Makers of Sriracha Sauce),

A couple of weeks ago I was bored. I had paper and stamps and the address to the food company Huy Fong Foods….so I wrote them. AND THEY WROTE ME BACK.
​Probably one of the proudest moments of my mission. Not really. But I was entertained. The letter was really boring. But I don’t even care.
Saw some goats…
Tried taking a selfie but the kids wouldn’t let me. It took a few tries. Turns out I do not look very good with a full on beard….who knew?
There were some really pretty clouds…?
Annnddd No Outlet on Disney…

But yeah! This week was awesome. On Thursday we got a little call from our Mission President. I’m not leaving Ammon because…
I’m going to be a mom!!! Yeah!!! I can’t wait. I’m excited and scared. I cannot mess this sister up. She is going to be the best darn tootin’ missionary the IPM has ever seen!!! I’ll miss my friend Sister King though. She’s going down to Montpelier (aka the Celestial kingdom in Idaho apparently). She’ll probably have a car. No big deal. 
Then I don’t remember much from Friday….But Saturday!! Our District decided to have a *Blitz in our area and let me just tell you that there were MIRACLES. Well first of all I think the secret to missionary work is cool accents. I went on splits with Sister Latu from New Zealand. She’s awesome. First door we knocked was a referral that we’ve been told for the last month or so to hold off on. We went anyways. And I’m pretty sure they’re golden. It’s a family and they were SO HAPPY to finally see us! They were leaving for dinner, but the daughter to going to Covenant Camp (no idea what that is. All I know is that we’re teaching a couple of workshops for it), but she’s going to that and so they want some basic knowledge of the gospel. Exciting! Then we went to another neighborhood and tried knocking on a door that we saw the elders wrote down to try and visit. Nothing there (no one was home), but in the yard of one of the nearby houses a bunch of kids were playing so we went over to them and asked who they knew in the neighborhood that wasn’t a member. The kids start naming off some people, but one kid, we’ll call him S., raised his hand. He said he’s gone to church before and really liked it. Then another kid ran inside S’s house to ask S’s mom if they’d like to meet with us (awesome mini-member-missionary). The mom said yes, but not that night. So we set up a return appointment and left S with a Book of Mormon. S’s friend told him about the story of the Strippling Warriors and then all the boys told S they’d read with him anytime. These kids are awesome. Someone needs to get them some candy or something. Amazing!! I’m so excited for this area. It’s catching on fire and my greenie will LOVE it here.
Sunday we taught Gospel Principles and I played my flute at the temple visitor’s center firesides. It was fun. And crazy. My fingers started going numb in the second fireside I was so nervous. I don’t know if you know this, but playing the flute with numb fingers is very difficult. That’s okay. 
I played a medley called He Lives! And with it I read the scripture from Doctrine and Covenants section 76 verse 22;
And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: Thathe lives!
I know for myself that Christ lives. He is the one that we can always depend on and if we follow his example we will be lead to safety. I really am so happy to be on my mission. It’s hard. It is really hard. But it’s only for a short time. I’m going to be so sad on the day I have to remove my tag, but for now I wear it with pride because I know that I am an official representative of Christ. How cool is that? I hope y’all have a great week! I love you!!
Sister Gale
*Blitz: /blits/
When a bunch of missionaries get together in one area to concentrate the efforts and find more people to teach.

S’more s’mores. {July 21, 2014}

Dear telephones and staplers,

Can I just say how thankful I am for the temple? Sister King and I went to the temple this Thursday FINALLY. We needed to recharge our spiritual batteries. We felt as though we were running on 5% and were blinking red. That’s not good as a missionary! Everything seemed so much more dramatic when our batteries were low. Now we are functioning human beings. Yessssss.
This week we visited the sister in the retirement home that was asking for us. She didn’t have her hearing aid in though so that made it interesting….I had to yell to invite her to be baptized. I’m sure that not very many missionaries can say they yelled at someone asking if they’d like to be baptized. The traveling Sister Training Leader, Sister McKnight, was thoroughly entertained. She said she hasn’t experienced anything like that yet on her mission and she’s going home at the end of this transfer.
Speaking of transfers! We get calls this Thursday. Now. I’ve been in Ammon for about six months and in interviews with my mission President this past week it sounds as if I need to be prepared to leave. That’s okay. I LOVE this area. I love my people here, but I also wouldn’t mind experiencing other parts of my mission. We will have to wait and see!! The suspense is killing me! (not really killing. I can wait)
Not much else happened this week. I’ll be playing for the musical fireside on my flute for the visitors center on Sunday. I’ll be playing a medley of songs about Christ called “He Lives!” I love preforming so I’m excited. I need to practice more, but I’m excited. 
We did take some pictures of a really cute wedding reception (don’t worry, we didn’t crash another wedding. The stuff was just set up)
I think it’s cute. My favorite part???

​Quoting the best movie ever? Bronus points!!! (bonus+brownie points)…The movie is The Princess Bride be-tee-dubs.


My companion drew a picture of Christ for practice. She is ashamed on how terrible it is. I’m ashamed that she thinks this is even remotely bad!!!

And a shameless-selfie because I really don’t know what to take pictures of 200% of the time…

I guess this brings us to the spiritual thought of the week…
Fun fact: I usually never know what I want to do for a spiritual thought. I just choose something and go with it.
So I love the NewEra magazine Mormonads. They’re great. This week I’ll share one about attitude….
The scripture (Proverbs 15:13) says…
A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance: but by sorrow of the heart the spirit is broken.
Sounds like a Confucius say quote thing, doesn’t it? But it’s a good thing to remember. Doing service and turning out from yourself really will make you happier. The best way to be happy is to share the love of Christ with others.
I’ll share another mormonad just because I like it….


As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country.
Look at that sad Elder with no mail… should write to the missionaries you know! Even if you’re not best friends with them or whatever, they’ll really appreciate a letter from home. Just sayin’
I love you all and hope you have a great week!
Sister Gale


Baby Dolls and Guinea Pigs {July 14, 2014}

Dear Hugabunch and G-Force,

(Sometimes I think about the Hugabunch and I just get freaked out. I can’t believe that was a child’s show. Does anyone else remember those dolls and the movie? Yikes!)
Anyways. I’m not all in the mood to write this up, but as a devote blogger (haha. whatever), I have a duty to update it. Yeah. 
OH DARN! I just thought of a picture I wanted to take. Oh well. It’s just of rice anyways. 
I gave a training in district meeting on Tuesday about Find when you Teach, Teach when you Find and I thought about the importance of one. Let me show you. So if there is one person that we’re teaching they have a family. Lets say there is a mom, dad, brother and sister. So that one turns into 5. But each of those family members know at least 2 people that don’t know about the gospel, right? So the 5 turns into 13….let me show you a visual….

​okay. so it looks ridiculous. That’s okay. but! Look at this! That ONE person became an army of over 2000!

(I think I shared this scripture already. I don’t care).
A little one shall become a thousand, and a small one a strong nation: I the Lord will hasten it in his time.
That “little one” can literally become a thousand easily. When missionaries ask you who do you know don’t you DARE say you don’t know anyone. That little name that pops in your head could be the little one that brings thousands of souls to Christ. 
Yesterday, my companion and I had the opportunity to teach the Relief Society lesson on baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost and we invited our recent convert and friend, Sammie, to talk about her baptism. She is only 14 years old but her testimony is so strong. She made the women cry, and it wasn’t even her ward! (she’s even made grown men cry. she’s pretty much the best). She is just one young woman, but she wants to serve a mission. She is just one, but she will bring thousands to our Savior. 
I love my friends here. Love, love, love. I get the meet so many people. It’s awesome. This week we had dinner with a family (I will disclose no names for their safety) but they are the FUNNIEST family I’ve eaten with in a LONNNGGG time. Their almost 8 year old son likes baby dolls. No. No. like he REALLY likes them. He has 31 baby dolls total, all of them have names, and he knows all of their names. The best part is that the entire family knows all the names as well (they even make videos) and the dad is a therapist. I was laughing so hard. You don’t even know. One of the babies’ name was David and he is loosing his eye. The only thing I could think is dang. If only he lost his eye then he wouldn’t have had that problem with Bathsheba. But David and Delilah are in love. The kids made a music video with them in it with Hey there Delilah playing the in background. I can’t even.
And then yesterday we went over to a family asking them to invite their neighbor for lessons. The kids were playing with the neighbors tiny puppies and then they brought out the guinea pigs and one of them scurried up the littlest boy’s basketball shorts. It was funny. Poor kid. 
The work is going well and there is a lot of build up happening. Things are about to go down here in Ammon (down into the waters of baptism that is!). A lady even REQUESTED for us because she said it was about time she got baptized! My companion and I took a look at what we were doing and we noticed some things we wanted to change to be more exactly obedient and after we made those changes, the lady requested for us. Sacrifice bring blessings, yo! 
I love you and hope you have a great week! Sorry no fun photos.
Sister Gale

nothing witty in my brain today {July 7, 2014}

Dear [plural noun] and [plural noun],

So this week was the 4th of July annnddd I have a lot of photos. Kind of. 
Well…first let me show you how great the Book of Mormon really is….

​You see…we use it to hold up a rod to hang a curtain on because Idaho (like most of the world) is silly and doesn’t understand that Day Light Savings is dumb and so the sun isn’t set until about 10pm. Our bedtime is 10:30. Yup.

Random field of farmness for my Dad….

​I don’t get the sprinklers. Why don’t they irrigate? Eh.

Dooms day….”End of the World” (My sister Melly always talks about her end of the world dreams and stuff)…


​That thing was hard to make. I didn’t really understand the instructions. I did my own thang (Yes. Thang)

And a drawing that I did this time (copying Sister King’s style)…

​Look at me go with my ukulele (“small guitar” “violin” etc. etc. Don’t people know what ukuleles are?)

Mustashe photos (courtesy of my family for sending a fun 4th of July package. I think they were just wanting photos haha)


​AND NUTELLLA! Oh my heavens. This is what Ambrosia tastes like…


Now the 4th of July photos…
My makeup…
{and now a cartoonish version I did}
In the car on the way to the fireworks with my companion (photobombed by my little friend, Shaylee)…


Sitting on the famous potato bench thing….

a million fireworks….
untitled-1848 untitled-1845 untitled-1843 untitled-1839 untitled-1838 untitled-1830
And the temple!

​(ooooo ahhhhhh)

Anyways. We had a good week as you can tell. We were able to see my mom’s high school friend again this week. She gave me a hug and a bag with skirts in it. AND MINI CADBURY EGGS. I love those things. I love chocolate.
We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows with the other sisters that our sister training leaders cover. We walked ALL the way around the river (well. bridge to bridge), got ice cream (reed’s dairy guys. best stuff ever. Apparently their chocolate milk has POTATO FLAKES IN IT. Only in Idaho), saw some not-so-great break dancers (that was just funny. They were mildly terrible. Not that I can say much. I can’t dance to save my life), and had lots of fun.
Today’s little thought comes from Joseph Smith in History of the Church
“As you increase in innocence and virtue, as you increase in goodness, let your hearts expand, let them be enlarged towards others; you must be long-suffering, and bear with the faults and errors of mankind.
“How precious are the souls of men!”
Something I keep thinking about is how much more I love people now. I thought I was very loving before my mission, but now I love SO much more. I see more people like I see my two sweet sisters with Joubert Syndrome; not as there are but as they will be. None of us are perfect so we can’t expect anyone else to be. We just need to know that we are all brothers and sisters and learn to treat each other as such. I love my friends in Idaho. I love talking to them about our Savior, Jesus Chirst, and our Heavenly Father. I love talking to them as my siblings and all the families that have accepted me as their own. Being a missionary is AWESOME. If you can go, GO. If you can’t then be the best missionary you can be at home. “If you’re not a full-time missionary with a missionary badge pinned on your coat, now is the time to paint one on your heart—painted, as Paul said, “not with ink, but with the Spirit of the living God”” (It’s a Miracle. Elder Andersen).
I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week!
Sister Gale

Sometimes I Can’t Help but Think I’m an Idiot {June 30, 2014}

Dear Americans and non-Americans,

Well…remember how we got bikes last week…well…

​This drawing (© Sister King) is quite accurate. You see. I fell off my bike. But was it a normal fall? Of course not! Is anything ever normal with me? I think NOT. Anyways. I was trying to get off the bike (it’s a boy’s bike) andddd I tripped over the bar so I fell over. But then I did a backwards somersault. Into the weeds. Apparently some members in our District Leader’s ward thought I was hit by a car. But they didn’t pull over to help. Luckily someone did pull over to help us get the chain back on though! That was nice. I don’t think I’ve ever done a backwards somersault. I’m not sure if I want to do that again. Ehhh..

I also have a photo of me being all me and stuff. Mostly just to show off my blonde hair…
It’s kind of ridiculous on how blonde my hair got from using the Sun-In spray! I’m still using it. I’m impressed with how light my hair can get.
This week was just kind of weird though. Some of our members bought my companion a ukulele and so now both of us can jam while walking down the street. We’re going to be famous. Just you wait. More famous than those Restoration Cups Sisters. We’ll be the Uke Sisters. Yeah buddy.
I think my family will be annoyed with how short I’m doing this email but…it’s a short Pday sooooo I have things to do and people to teach!
My quote today is from Henry B. Eyring in the May 2005 Ensign…
“We need strength beyond ourselves to keep the commandments in whatever circumstance life brings to us. … The combination of trials and their duration are as varied as are the children of our Heavenly Father. No two are alike. But what is being tested is the same, at all times in our lives and for every person: will we do whatsoever the Lord our God will command us?” 
We all have trials, and that’s normal! But we still need to carry on and do our best. The Lord will strength us and as long as we keep pushing forward, we cannot fail. 
Have a great week everyone! Happy 4th of July!!
Sister Gale