Good Mornin’! (TobyMac!) {Feb 9, 2015}

Hullo Wurld! 
Hhhhow are you?! I’m doing fine and dandy here in Arizona…I mean Idaho….There has been a CRAZY heat wave. Highs in the 50s. What the. We’re using AC in the car. 
Chemical burn from whitening strips…ew
another one of the photo things my parents asked for…

Me with a bone at the Teton Dam sight…ew

annndd an envelope from Sister King….I would show you the drawings she sent but my camera died.

This week we had Korean food (it was good. Not like Takamatsu back home, but for Driggs, Idaho? Not bad!)
We lost two investigators due to parents not wanting us to teach them anymore, but we gained one back due to parents wanting to come back to church! Wow!
I’m happy and doing well. My thought this week is more of a reminder to myself than anything…

You see. I know that my time is ticking, I know I will be home soon, but that doesn’t really matter. There’s a reason I have these last few weeks left on my mission. There’s someone I need to talk to for a life to be changed. Maybe I just need it. Maybe I’m the one that needs the last weeks. Or maybe someone needs me. I don’t know. All I know is I can’t slow down or give up just because I’m nearly there. 
Have a great week everyone! I love you!
Sister Gale

Hey Hey Heyyyyyyy {Feb 2, 2015}

Breezes Sweet as April in Seville {Jan 5, 2015}

Dear Christopher Columbus and Marco Pollo,
Another week in the IPM has come and gone, and so has another year. What the. 
It was a pretty cold week….it got down to negative 24 one night while we were out (who even knows how low it was while we were sleeping…) but this week there is suppose to be a heat wave. Highs in the 40s. Gotta start pulling out my summer clothes! Jkjk 
We went to Driggs for New Years. That was a fun drive! We were closer to the Tetons so that was fun. We ate bear meat. Yes. Bear meat. Bear burgers to be exact. It was…interesting. “A little gamey” and chewy, but I didn’t mind it.
We’re getting transfer calls this week. These will be my last transfer calls. Whattttt. 
Yeah. So here are my photos of the week…
Sister Latu with a HUGE crazy icicle. WOW.
Icicles o.O

Dad has been asking for a photo like this….not sure if this is what he wanted…?

The Tetons! Prettttty 🙂

Weekly selfie…….eh.

Prettiest door. Random. Don’t care.

Well that’s everything. 
My spiritual thought this week is from President Gordon B Hinckley
“I would hope, I would pray, that each of us … would resolve to seek those who need help … and lift them in the spirit of love into the embrace of the Church, where strong hands and loving hearts will warm them, comfort them, sustain them, and put them on the way of happy and productive lives.”
I feel this is one of my goals on my mission is to leave a legacy love in the areas I’ve served in, and that’s a challenge I leave y’all! Love and help others. I love you all!
Have a great week!
Sister Gale

Sweet Potatoes! (Well…Russets…) {October 13, 2014}

Hey Y’all!

Okay. So today we’re at the public library and it has a timer so again I am limited on my time. But that’s okay! I’ll start with photos 🙂
The computer doesn’t reconize my SD card….
OH. Okay. It’s good (monologue over…)
We went to look at the Teton Dam…
There’s not much to it…oh well! It’s in New Dale…not Teton…and Teton isn’t really even all that near to the Tetons…oh well

HUGEE full moon (not Full House)

An “open range” (I’ve never heard anyone call an oven a range??)…

A farm with a bug…
Cool tire swing…

Anddd Spud Harvest….!!
This is the combine dumping the taters into the truck….
These are a million of the tater trucks…
Taters coming off of a conveyor belt…
And a look inside of a potato cellar….HOLY POTATOES BATMAN!

As you can see…there were a lot of potatoes. It was great. We got to take some home. I’ve been cooking them for breakfast. Yumyum (my companion really appreciates the cooking skills I acquired in my past life)
And a happy selfie (my hair isn’t quite that bright. It’s coming out a lot more red in photos….Ehhh!)
untitled-2181 untitled-2181-2

We are looking forward to a baptism this weekend!!! 🙂 Annnndd nothing is changing for transfers (oh. we had transfer calls a week early). Ummm. Yeah. Okay. I’m going to save my cool thought for next week. It’s a story that Hank Smith told. I love y’all! Sorry for not saying much…butttt oh well! 🙂 Have a great week!
Sister Gale

I Really Need More Sweet Sugar Puns… {September 29, 2014}

Dear Wonderballs and KinderEggs,

Hey! What’s up? Oh nothing much. It’s another lovely Missionary Monday here in Idaho. It’s a little chilly. It’s still raining, which the farmers aren’t too happy about since it’s Spud Harvest time (the kids actually are out of school for it…) but the ground is too wet right now to go out with the diggers. But we did see a pretty nice looking potato in the middle of the road in Teton…

(I  ran over it…didn’t get a picture of that though…)
But yes. This week was great. We got to go down to IF for the temple with our investigator’s parents. That was fun. President and Sister Brinkerhoff were there. It was a party.
Can I just say how much I love that investigator? He is turning 12 this coming month and he and I bond over music. He plays the piano and I play along with my ukulele or my flute. He gets a real kick out of it. 
But here are this weeks photos!! (The cool part of the weekly email)…
A shot of the Tetons….(we’re going to have to see the dam eventually)
A sunset over the fields…
A fantastic mural at New York Burrito (they have wraps and burritos…I haven’t dared try a burrito yet. The wraps are delicious though…but free food is always pretty good)
Sister Brough and I being silly in the Jeep…
Annnnnddd my new hair haha…I didn’t mean to have it quite this color, but it’ll get lighter and less red, so oh well! I like it anyways. 
untitled-2019 untitled-2019-2
Things are going great here in the Sugar City Stake though. A lot of potential is coming up and things are about to get real here. 
This week we get to see Meet the Mormons. I’m pretty stoked about that. And I am VERYYYY suspicious that we’ll be getting iPads soon. I’ll keep you posted! 
Here’s my thought for the week:
I know I say it all the time, but this is another one of my favorite Mormon Messages. I just can’t help but think so many people live below their potential. They wait for “the right time” for things and “the right time” will often never come. Don’t wait tomorrow for what you can do today. 
That’s all I really have this week. I love y’all and hope you have a great week full of delicious spuds (I don’t know….).
Sister Gale