Yeee-hawww {June 16, 2014}

Dear Bulls and Heifers,

“What’d you do this week Sister Gale?”
“Whatever I felt like it! Gosh!!”
Actually. We saw a rodeo. A children’s rodeo. Funniest thing ever (well maybe not as funny as midget wrestling would be…but almost!…yes that’s a thing. One of our members said she went to it. I almost died when she said that. I can’t believe it’s a thing. This is a long side note. Sometimes I think I’m Jim Gaffigan). I didn’t take any photos because I am foolish. Actually. I don’t think I took any photos this week. Oops. That’s a darn shame. 
Here. I’ll draw y’all a very accurate doodle of it….

​See? The bull is angry and the little kid is wearing a cowboy hat and cute little chaps. I didn’t draw the helmet because I forgot until just now. #artist 

Anyways. This is a drawing of me playing my uke at a garage sale…

Everyone be in awe of my art. Yes. If you will notice the cardboard box in the bottom left side corner, it says “Free!” on it. Let me tell you what was in that box. Free books. Not just any book though. No no no. The BEST book ever, The Book of Mormon and pass-a-long cards and pamphlets about the message of the Restoration. We were helping out at a garage sale of one of the non-member ladies and we decided to bring a box over of free books. We don’t think anyone took a book, but they did look at them! Yeah! Do you know how many people were asking me if I was selling my uke though? Or uke lessons? I should have said “I’m not selling uke lessons, but I am giving away free lessons about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints!” but I wasn’t quick enough to think about that.  In my defense though, the lady that we live with did wake us up before our alarm to get us to help at the garage sale. We got ready in 10 minutes to help and we were out doing missionary things 3.5 hours before we usually do. Excuses excuses. 

Oh. And we got our transfer information last week. I am staying in Ammon for at least one more transfer it seems! I’m okay with that. I get to see Fiddler on the Roof this week AND on the Forth of July I’ll be seeing “the best fireworks show west of the Mississippi.” Yeah buddy. 
Let me now tell you about my little friend, Conner. He is a 13 year old boy with Down Syndrome and he is ADORABLE. I can’t even handle it. He is a complete little gentleman (when we come over he pulls us inside and links arms with us and leads us to the couch then he’ll take my bag and hang it up in the coat closet). He also just loves one of my sisters with Joubert Syndrome, Nancy. She has a video on Youtube of her signing to the theme song from Signing Time with Alex and Leah and, according to his mom, he will watch it for 30 minutes straight every morning since I showed it to them, while waiting for the bus. He even signs with her a little. SO. CUTE. I love this kid. I was playing my ukulele for him and we were singing Primary Songs together. It was fun 🙂
My spiritual thought today is in Zechariah chapter 5 verse 1….
Then I turned, and lifted up mine eyes, and looked, and behold a flying roll.
Just kidding. I’m not going to talk about a Biblical food fight.
No. My real thought is this…
(it’s a video link. Click it!)
This is probably one of my absolute Mormon Message videos. It’s so perfect! Every time I watch it I can’t help think about my amazing parents. I love them so much and my testimony is where it is because of them. They not only teach me about the gospel, but even being away from them teaches me the Plan of Salvation even greater because when I return home from my mission I want my parents to be proud of the work I’ve done in my 18 months. The same goes to when I return to my Heavenly Father. Life is so short, before long our “4 minutes” will be over. I want my Heavenly Father to be proud of the work I did while on Earth. 
Missions really are the best thing in the world.
I love you all and hope you have a great week! That’s all for this week.
“T-t-t-t-that’s all folks!”
Sister Gale


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