Baby Dolls and Guinea Pigs {July 14, 2014}

Dear Hugabunch and G-Force,

(Sometimes I think about the Hugabunch and I just get freaked out. I can’t believe that was a child’s show. Does anyone else remember those dolls and the movie? Yikes!)
Anyways. I’m not all in the mood to write this up, but as a devote blogger (haha. whatever), I have a duty to update it. Yeah. 
OH DARN! I just thought of a picture I wanted to take. Oh well. It’s just of rice anyways. 
I gave a training in district meeting on Tuesday about Find when you Teach, Teach when you Find and I thought about the importance of one. Let me show you. So if there is one person that we’re teaching they have a family. Lets say there is a mom, dad, brother and sister. So that one turns into 5. But each of those family members know at least 2 people that don’t know about the gospel, right? So the 5 turns into 13….let me show you a visual….

​okay. so it looks ridiculous. That’s okay. but! Look at this! That ONE person became an army of over 2000!

(I think I shared this scripture already. I don’t care).
A little one shall become a thousand, and a small one a strong nation: I the Lord will hasten it in his time.
That “little one” can literally become a thousand easily. When missionaries ask you who do you know don’t you DARE say you don’t know anyone. That little name that pops in your head could be the little one that brings thousands of souls to Christ. 
Yesterday, my companion and I had the opportunity to teach the Relief Society lesson on baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost and we invited our recent convert and friend, Sammie, to talk about her baptism. She is only 14 years old but her testimony is so strong. She made the women cry, and it wasn’t even her ward! (she’s even made grown men cry. she’s pretty much the best). She is just one young woman, but she wants to serve a mission. She is just one, but she will bring thousands to our Savior. 
I love my friends here. Love, love, love. I get the meet so many people. It’s awesome. This week we had dinner with a family (I will disclose no names for their safety) but they are the FUNNIEST family I’ve eaten with in a LONNNGGG time. Their almost 8 year old son likes baby dolls. No. No. like he REALLY likes them. He has 31 baby dolls total, all of them have names, and he knows all of their names. The best part is that the entire family knows all the names as well (they even make videos) and the dad is a therapist. I was laughing so hard. You don’t even know. One of the babies’ name was David and he is loosing his eye. The only thing I could think is dang. If only he lost his eye then he wouldn’t have had that problem with Bathsheba. But David and Delilah are in love. The kids made a music video with them in it with Hey there Delilah playing the in background. I can’t even.
And then yesterday we went over to a family asking them to invite their neighbor for lessons. The kids were playing with the neighbors tiny puppies and then they brought out the guinea pigs and one of them scurried up the littlest boy’s basketball shorts. It was funny. Poor kid. 
The work is going well and there is a lot of build up happening. Things are about to go down here in Ammon (down into the waters of baptism that is!). A lady even REQUESTED for us because she said it was about time she got baptized! My companion and I took a look at what we were doing and we noticed some things we wanted to change to be more exactly obedient and after we made those changes, the lady requested for us. Sacrifice bring blessings, yo! 
I love you and hope you have a great week! Sorry no fun photos.
Sister Gale

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