Jedis and Elders {August 4, 2014}

Dear People of the World that read this,

I forgot to put this in last week but…
“What do mint chocolate chip ice cream, grass, and my new companion have in common? They’re all GREEN!!” Copyright Sister King 2014
But not really. You hear trainers say all the time that their greenie is training them or that they came pre-trained. Usually they’re not being literal. But I am. Seriously. Sister Whalen. My home girl from California. She’s already trained and she’s such a good missionary! She’s been out for three and a half months already but she has this thing DOWN. She’s pouring gasoline on this area (not literally).
This is what an old planner looks like next to a new one…


They get all puffy and dirty! Ew. 

Random Sister King cartoon from before she left me for Montpelier…
umm. Ugly moth.

​And day old kitten!!! 🙂



Quote from Caden H.
“Working out is my alcohol and sore muscles are my hang over”
(He’s wanting to be an amateur body building. Funny kid.) I love it when people act all tough and whatever but they’re just big softies. It entertains me every time.
We went on another Blitz this week. This time in the Elders’ area. We met a really cool guy that gave us a coupon thing for a free pizza at his pizza shop. FREE FOOD. yes. He was super prepared. Totally ready to be baptized I think.
We helped out at the Ammon Days thing. That was fun. I learn a little martial arts and broke a board. No big deal. The elders decided to break the board. with their heads. Elders…seriously. A couple of the elders got beat up by a 15 year old jedi kid in a sword fight thing. Funniest thing of my life. I can’t even begin to tell y’all what that looked like. I told the kid not to go easy on them, he said he only tries hard on his master. He still beat the snot out of the elders. Don’t worry. They’re mostly okay 🙂
Yeah. That was pretty much my week.
This week I’m doing a Mormon Message as my thought….
So yesterday our District Leader had some Young Women he wanted to go with us. We didn’t have appointments and we couldn’t go into the area where we were planning on going to, so we stayed in a different neighborhood. This neighborhood doesn’t have as much work as our others so we just needed houses to visit. We weren’t having much luck. So we prayed! And prayed and prayed and prayed. Finally one of the girls spoke up and said she might know of someone we could try to visit. So we went to the house ANDDDD no one was home. (Sad trombone sound). But then that cul-de-sac she took us to was one of mostly none members. So even though they weren’t home, we had other houses to try. Life is like that sometimes. Sometimes we are lead to areas we think are not helpful or answers to prayers, but it turns out that they were! They were a blessing in disguise. I love you all and hope everything is FANTASTIC this week!
Sister Gale

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