I am a Sunday-Saturday Warrior {July 28, 2014}

​Dear Huy Fong Foods (the Makers of Sriracha Sauce),

A couple of weeks ago I was bored. I had paper and stamps and the address to the food company Huy Fong Foods….so I wrote them. AND THEY WROTE ME BACK.
​Probably one of the proudest moments of my mission. Not really. But I was entertained. The letter was really boring. But I don’t even care.
Saw some goats…
Tried taking a selfie but the kids wouldn’t let me. It took a few tries. Turns out I do not look very good with a full on beard….who knew?
There were some really pretty clouds…?
Annnddd No Outlet on Disney…

But yeah! This week was awesome. On Thursday we got a little call from our Mission President. I’m not leaving Ammon because…
I’m going to be a mom!!! Yeah!!! I can’t wait. I’m excited and scared. I cannot mess this sister up. She is going to be the best darn tootin’ missionary the IPM has ever seen!!! I’ll miss my friend Sister King though. She’s going down to Montpelier (aka the Celestial kingdom in Idaho apparently). She’ll probably have a car. No big deal. 
Then I don’t remember much from Friday….But Saturday!! Our District decided to have a *Blitz in our area and let me just tell you that there were MIRACLES. Well first of all I think the secret to missionary work is cool accents. I went on splits with Sister Latu from New Zealand. She’s awesome. First door we knocked was a referral that we’ve been told for the last month or so to hold off on. We went anyways. And I’m pretty sure they’re golden. It’s a family and they were SO HAPPY to finally see us! They were leaving for dinner, but the daughter to going to Covenant Camp (no idea what that is. All I know is that we’re teaching a couple of workshops for it), but she’s going to that and so they want some basic knowledge of the gospel. Exciting! Then we went to another neighborhood and tried knocking on a door that we saw the elders wrote down to try and visit. Nothing there (no one was home), but in the yard of one of the nearby houses a bunch of kids were playing so we went over to them and asked who they knew in the neighborhood that wasn’t a member. The kids start naming off some people, but one kid, we’ll call him S., raised his hand. He said he’s gone to church before and really liked it. Then another kid ran inside S’s house to ask S’s mom if they’d like to meet with us (awesome mini-member-missionary). The mom said yes, but not that night. So we set up a return appointment and left S with a Book of Mormon. S’s friend told him about the story of the Strippling Warriors and then all the boys told S they’d read with him anytime. These kids are awesome. Someone needs to get them some candy or something. Amazing!! I’m so excited for this area. It’s catching on fire and my greenie will LOVE it here.
Sunday we taught Gospel Principles and I played my flute at the temple visitor’s center firesides. It was fun. And crazy. My fingers started going numb in the second fireside I was so nervous. I don’t know if you know this, but playing the flute with numb fingers is very difficult. That’s okay. 
I played a medley called He Lives! And with it I read the scripture from Doctrine and Covenants section 76 verse 22;
And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: Thathe lives!
I know for myself that Christ lives. He is the one that we can always depend on and if we follow his example we will be lead to safety. I really am so happy to be on my mission. It’s hard. It is really hard. But it’s only for a short time. I’m going to be so sad on the day I have to remove my tag, but for now I wear it with pride because I know that I am an official representative of Christ. How cool is that? I hope y’all have a great week! I love you!!
Sister Gale
*Blitz: /blits/
When a bunch of missionaries get together in one area to concentrate the efforts and find more people to teach.

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