I Really Need More Sweet Sugar Puns… {September 29, 2014}

Dear Wonderballs and KinderEggs,

Hey! What’s up? Oh nothing much. It’s another lovely Missionary Monday here in Idaho. It’s a little chilly. It’s still raining, which the farmers aren’t too happy about since it’s Spud Harvest time (the kids actually are out of school for it…) but the ground is too wet right now to go out with the diggers. But we did see a pretty nice looking potato in the middle of the road in Teton…

(I  ran over it…didn’t get a picture of that though…)
But yes. This week was great. We got to go down to IF for the temple with our investigator’s parents. That was fun. President and Sister Brinkerhoff were there. It was a party.
Can I just say how much I love that investigator? He is turning 12 this coming month and he and I bond over music. He plays the piano and I play along with my ukulele or my flute. He gets a real kick out of it. 
But here are this weeks photos!! (The cool part of the weekly email)…
A shot of the Tetons….(we’re going to have to see the dam eventually)
A sunset over the fields…
A fantastic mural at New York Burrito (they have wraps and burritos…I haven’t dared try a burrito yet. The wraps are delicious though…but free food is always pretty good)
Sister Brough and I being silly in the Jeep…
Annnnnddd my new hair haha…I didn’t mean to have it quite this color, but it’ll get lighter and less red, so oh well! I like it anyways. 
untitled-2019 untitled-2019-2
Things are going great here in the Sugar City Stake though. A lot of potential is coming up and things are about to get real here. 
This week we get to see Meet the Mormons. I’m pretty stoked about that. And I am VERYYYY suspicious that we’ll be getting iPads soon. I’ll keep you posted! 
Here’s my thought for the week:
I know I say it all the time, but this is another one of my favorite Mormon Messages. I just can’t help but think so many people live below their potential. They wait for “the right time” for things and “the right time” will often never come. Don’t wait tomorrow for what you can do today. 
That’s all I really have this week. I love y’all and hope you have a great week full of delicious spuds (I don’t know….).
Sister Gale

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