Sweet Potatoes! (Well…Russets…) {October 13, 2014}

Hey Y’all!

Okay. So today we’re at the public library and it has a timer so again I am limited on my time. But that’s okay! I’ll start with photos 🙂
The computer doesn’t reconize my SD card….
OH. Okay. It’s good (monologue over…)
We went to look at the Teton Dam…
There’s not much to it…oh well! It’s in New Dale…not Teton…and Teton isn’t really even all that near to the Tetons…oh well

HUGEE full moon (not Full House)

An “open range” (I’ve never heard anyone call an oven a range??)…

A farm with a bug…
Cool tire swing…

Anddd Spud Harvest….!!
This is the combine dumping the taters into the truck….
These are a million of the tater trucks…
Taters coming off of a conveyor belt…
And a look inside of a potato cellar….HOLY POTATOES BATMAN!

As you can see…there were a lot of potatoes. It was great. We got to take some home. I’ve been cooking them for breakfast. Yumyum (my companion really appreciates the cooking skills I acquired in my past life)
And a happy selfie (my hair isn’t quite that bright. It’s coming out a lot more red in photos….Ehhh!)
untitled-2181 untitled-2181-2

We are looking forward to a baptism this weekend!!! 🙂 Annnndd nothing is changing for transfers (oh. we had transfer calls a week early). Ummm. Yeah. Okay. I’m going to save my cool thought for next week. It’s a story that Hank Smith told. I love y’all! Sorry for not saying much…butttt oh well! 🙂 Have a great week!
Sister Gale

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