Forever is Composed of Now’s {Jan 12, 2015}

Dear Littlefoot and….Petrie,
So this week was a week of service. We painted and helped at a food bank. But let me tell you about the food bank. It was creepy! It was at an old Girls’ Reform school thing. Had solitary confinement and everything. 
Also, we’ve had a lot of deer. Well. Deer jerky and roast. I liked the jerky, but the roast was meh. 
Also, I’ve discovered my “bubble” is terrible now. It freaks me out when a dude stands near me. I’m like whoa. I’m a Sister. 
Anyways, to the photos!
A cool panoramic of the top of a hill (someone’s house)
Beautiful mountain thing….dirt road adventures


Sunset over the snow (it looks like waves)​
Bullet holes……? Is this the Goonies?
And the price photo of the week….it was SO foggy yesterday. BEAUTIFUL!
And for my thought this week…

Displaying IMG_110379786362947.jpeg
haha…now for real…
Something that my District Leader (he and I go home the same time) said this week…
“Sometimes it’s hard to trust the Lord’s timing because it’s not always what we want, but when He reveals His timing to us we should rejoice that He is opening new doors to us. Now is the time to go through them.”
Elder A. Simmons 2015
I love you all and hope you have a great week! 
Oh! And I’m staying in Sugar with Sister Latu for my last transfer! Death by Sugar….hahah
Sister Gale