LET IT GOOO!!! LET IT GOOOOO!!! {November 3, 2014}

Dear Anna and Elsa,
I FINALLY SAW FROZEN. It is SO good! I went in already knowing Hans was bad….so that was dumb because it made it a little less exciting BUT I totally teared up a couple of times. I love my sisters! Goodness. 
We also watch Megamind. The Elders were laughing at me because I was freaking out about how close people were sitting next to each other in the movie and all that. Romance. Weird stuff. 
On Thursday night, Sister Brough and I went with the other sisters in our district to the Haunted Mill. We went with some of their members. It was way fun.  It was the first spook alley thing I’ve ever done. The chainsaw girl scared me….mostly because she kind of just stood in front of me. She saw my name tag so she was confused then she realized I was missionary so she took of her mask and we started talking about missions. She just got her call for Canada so she was excited to talk to us. We sang hymns and primary songs as we went along. Sister Blankenship offered to get one of the guys a Priesthood blessing to cure whatever was going on with his face. That was pretty funny. I bet the kid under the mask was entertained. 
We had interviews this week with our mission president. We’re not getting iPads until after the first of the year. So we’ll see if I’ll get one. But if not, that’s fine. 
I don’t think I took any photos this week….oops! But I’ll be coloring my hair…again. My mission president’s wife said she’d like it if I made it match my hair more (not that it’s not bad. My roots were just starting to come in a little. I was planning on fixing it soon anyways. Might as well do it before the mission tour!).
This week’s thought I’m stealing from the mission newsletter…
“Sometimes answers to prayer are not recognized because we are too intent on wanting confirmation of our own desires.”
                                                                                 Richard G. Scott
I feel fantastic! I love you all and hope you have a great week!
Sister R. Gale

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