I Think…It Broke….? {October 27, 2014}

​So it was kind of boring week. That happens. Not every week is filled with excitement. Oh well! But we had Stake Conference this weekend. Saturday went great, Sunday? Ehhh. Still great but very different. You see it was being sent over via satellite to our different buildings in the stake and….the satellite feed dint’ work. Woops! So the High Councilmen talked some and after about an hour they basically just told us all to go home…It was very different haha. 
I again didn’t take many photos. Ehh. I have a photo of a creepy apartment complex in Teton….

And a weekly selfie…

Hmmm…what else to talk about?? I forgot my planner back home so I don’t have my notes haha…oops…
But I do have an interesting thought this week from the first night of Stake Conference. It’s about growing good corn. You see, there was this man that grew AWESOME corn. Blue ribbon at state fair and all that jazz. So a reporter was asking how he was able to grow such amazing corn and he said he shared the seed corn with his neighbors. How could that be? How could he afford to share his seeds with his neighbors? Well, he told the reporter that because the wind blew, the pollen from his neighbors’ fields pollinated his crops. If they had inferior pollen then eventually the cross-pollination of the inferior corn would contaminate his crops and make them not as fantastic. 
Now taking it to the gospel.
Why do we share the gospel with our neighbors? Because we want to give them the chance to “Come and See” what we have. 
“The Church of Jesus Christ always has been and always will be a missionary church” (Elder Bednar). 
I know that if you want to feel lasting joy, share what you have! 
Have a great week everyone! I love you! 
Sister Gale

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