Burning Sugar City to Caramel Town (get it…cause burnt sugar is caramel??) {September 22, 2014}

Dear Snickers and Twix,

I’m still learning my area. We didn’t go to a derby this week or anything. We did see a lot of fields on fire…
Sister Brough (pronounce it B-Rough) was mildly freaking out about all the fires. That’s okay. I’m the daughter of a farmer. I explained what was happening. It still looks pretty cool though.
He’s a pretty rainbow (with some cows)…it was a double rainbow…and it was all the way across the sky…it was so beautiful (but what does it mean?!?!)
A lack-luster photo of a nice looking Deere. I’m LOVING all the John Deere stuff. It’s a big deal here. Everyone loves John Deere. “Cause nothing runs like a Deere”
A shot of a sprinkler system. I’ve been wanting to take this photo. Look at those leading lines. Niiiccceee.
untitled-0067 untitled-0067-2

My usual weekly selfie. Just waitin’ in the car before the homecoming parade (after a minute or two of waiting we got our act together and realized it was a PERFECT time for street contacting. I walked around with my uke. Everyone loves a uke).
And this painting…we had it in Ammon. It is like the worst painting ever. I can’t even. The handcart in the foreground is disappearing…the faces are freaky…I don’t even know how to handle this. Yeah.

Anyways. It was a good week. We taught lessons, got new investigators (a couple that have some real potential), and I’m not completely lost anymore! I can actually tell what town we’re in now. Wahoo!
There’s not too much to say. I’m happy; we’re working; and the Lord is providing.
This week I’d like to share the newest Mormon Message.
You Never Know <—-Click there!!!
Sister Brough and I watched this the other day and I LOVE IT. I won’t spoil it, but you really never know what your little acts of kindness do for another. I almost cried (watching Mormon Messages when you’re tired is not always the best idea. EMOTIONS GALORE).
Every week my dad writes me a letter and tells me how much y’all like my emails and every week I can’t help but think…who is reading this? Seriously. Anyways! I love you all and hope you have a great week!!
Sister R. Gale

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