Not Much to Say {May 26, 2014}

Dear Artful Dodger and Oliver,
So there’s not too much to talk about this week again. It was another sour week. But that’s okay. That’s just means there will be a sweet week coming up! 
He’s a couple a few photos…
Really cool garage thing with a cool car…(it was really bright. I couldn’t get the lighting to look the way I wanted it to look…oh well)…
(I edited these in LR & this one I turned into a painting)

I HAVE A WATCH TAN LINE!!!! I’m so proud. I’ve never had a watch tan…

​Look at that tan. Look at it. I even have a ring tan. FABULOUS 😀

We were kicked out of our basement for the weekend because the sister’s grandsons were going to be spending the weekend there…so we stayed at another house and they had a king sized bed. My companion let me have the king sized bed. It was amazing. I didn’t know what to do with so much room…
I had to take a shameless selfie of course…I was studying my scriptures…

and the last photo I have this week is this really sick looking horse…It made me sad…
(but turn it into a painting & it looks pretty cool)

​And I’m pretty sure that is a llama back there. But really. Am I suppose to call someone about this? I’ve never seen a horse that sickly skinny. It was creepy.

We had a eastern Idaho stake conference broadcast deal last week and Elder Perry was here. After the broadcast he talked with our mission president and he told him we’re doing great, but he expects us to do more. Elder L. Tom Perry, an apostle of the Lord, said each missionary will baptize 10 people a year, that’s 20 people per companionship a year, 2500 people a year. Before we were expecting our mission to baptize at least 1 person a month per companionship, that would be 12 a year per companionship, 1500 a year for the mission. The apostle said we can baptize one thousand more people in our mission than what we thought originally.
Today I’d like to talk a little on Gideon’s army (Judges chapter 7). When they were ready to fight, his army was cut down to 300 men to 150,000 Midianites, or 1 of Gideon’s men to 500 of the Midianites. All that Gideon armed his men with were trumpets, pitchers, and lanterns.
Sounds like a fair fight, eh?
Well, the attack went like this. Gideon’s men surrounded the camp of the Midianites in the middle of the night, break the pitchers that the lanterns were in, and blare their trumpets. And BOY did that scare the Midianites. In fact, they were so confused and scared they all killed each other.
Now let’s go crazy and take this into today’s prospective.
Today, there are about 15 million members in the church and there are about 7.2 billion people in the world. That is about 1 member of the church to every 500 people in the world. I think the odds are ever in our favor (Hunger Games shout-out). So grab your trumpet! You have a message to share, so share it! The Lord is on your side, and with him you cannot fail.
That’s all I really have for this week. I love you all! BLARE THAT TRUMPET!!
Sister R. Gale

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