The Royal Breeze {May 12, 2014}

Dear Beethoven and Bach,

So this week was transfer week and I got my new companion, Sister King from St. George, Utah. She’s awesome. She is my twin and that makes me happy. And she draws me pictures…
May 19-1495
May 19-1509
May 19-1509-2
I think she’ll be famous so I’m going to save all the drawings from her and then I can sell them for millions in a couple of years. That’s what will happen.
Here’s a picture of us together…
May 19-1518
​And a shameless-selfie wearing a bear hat from my friend, Elder Duano…
May 19-1514
​Look at my fabulous hair (thanks to my friend, Matthew Elliot. He’s a fantastic hairstylist).
This week will be my official half-way mark. That’s crazy. Sometimes I believe it, sometimes I still feel like I just came out. It’s been a weird 9 months. I’ve grown a lot and I’ve met a lot of people. The days that I just want to give up, I remember the people that I’ve come the closest to and I just think to myself that maybe there’s another family that needs me. I know with the family that got baptized here in Ammon that more lives will be changed because the daughter said she wants to go on a mission so she can help others the way that the missionaries have helped her and her family. I just love that! Because I decided to go on a mission, a young girl wants to do the same. I love that family and other families I’ve met. 
May 19-1515
​Here’s the little camel my mommy sent me for my hump day. It’s pretty cute. I carried it around with me the first day I got it.
I’m suppose to take more photos, so I took a photo of a karaoke machine we found. It takes cassette tapes. That’s weird.
May 19-1500
​There’s not really too much to talk about this week. I just feel good. Tired. But good. I feel love for my friends, family, and my people here in Idaho. 
I’ll write y’all again next week! Love you!!
-Sister Gale 

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