Parable of the Warheads {May 5, 2014}

Dear Prada and Gucci,

This week I would like to share with you all…
-The Parable of the Warheads-

Once there was a candy. Well. People call it candy. It has sugar in it after all. But this candy is known to the man as probably the most sour candy ever. And I mean it is SOUR. As is it hurts your jaw. It’s intense. But the sour does not last forever. No sir. After the sour comes the sickeningly sweet part of this candy. I still have not figured out in all my years of Warhead eating if the sweet part of the candy is really as sweet as it seems, or if it is just so because the painful sour that preceded it. I will use the example of the second one to apply this to our lives…
Last week was a sour week, as you may have gathered from my previous email. It wasn’t too hard to see the good from it, but it still was not an easy week. But this week was so SWEET (I don’t use that word as the young whipper-snappers may, I really mean it was sweet). We had SO many people to talk to and random lessons out of the blue. One of the funniest little lessons we had was with some of the neighborhood guys were talking to us, then their non-member neighbors came outside. One of the guys scouted them out (he did a funny walk. You would have to see it. Strange guy) then he asked us if we had a copy of the Book of Mormon with us. Of course we did! What kind of missionaries did he think we were? Then he told us to go talk to them. We weren’t down with that. Not without them at least. What good would it be just to have us strangers talk to these men when their neighbor could introduce us? So after about 3 minutes of persuasion, we finally convinced them to go over with us to talk to these guys. They weren’t interested. At all. BUT we helped these boys (there were return missionaries, mind you) learn how easy it is to be a member missionary. There was a lot of laughter that came from it. Fun timesssss.
My companion and decided to tie-dye our zone shirts. We got those shirts I posted last week, but the ones that took it to the printing place changed the color of the shirt to white, and we didn’t want white shirts, so we tie-dyed it. And added mustaches.
And…I didn’t want to spend the money on gloves…so I may or may not have looked like a Smurf murderer…oops…
I felt very patriotic one day….

And like a pirate another day…
But it’s okay!!! We got to take Prom photos with our friend, Johnathan…
​I’m not really sure why we’re wearing ties, but that’s okay. It just adds to the fun. 
I already told my family about transfers, but I guess I should mention that I’m not moving anywhere. Sister H is going up to Rigby and I’m getting Sister King. She just finished her training and that is all I know about my new companion.
I’ll finish as I usually do with a little quote thing…This quote is by Elder Holland and I got it from my dad. He keeps sharing it with me, so I figured I should share it with my wide audience (I have no idea who reads this). He says,
“If they are unresponsive, maybe you can’t teach them yet. But you can love them. And if you can love them today, maybe you can teach them tomorrow. I think that is totally within our power. None of that is dependent on them. We can love them from start to finish and miracles will happen”
All I really can say to this is that it is SO true. A true disciple of Christ will show love to everyone, not just those that will listen or that are nice. And it works. I know when I show people love, they are more open to hearing from us because they feel our love and hopefully our Savior’s love as well. 
Have a great week everyone! But if not, know that you will soon. Love you!!
Sister Gale

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