Sunday that One day that’s Different from all the Rest {April 14, 2014}

Dear Dragons and Crayons,

Hey! How’s is going y’all? Did you have a good week? Awesome. You know, I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to Mondays like I do here on my mission. Seriously. I still haven’t figured out if our Preparation Day is more of “missionary Sunday” or “missionary Saturday” and here’s my reasoning. You see. P-day, is our day to prepare for the week, kind of like how you prepare for Sunday on Saturday, but pday is also a day to relax, and Sunday is the day of rest (that was a horribly constructed sentence. moving on)…But really. Sunday? The day of rest? Now does that phrase just mean a rest from the world because I promise you, Sunday is not the day of rest from church work stuff. Holy Bananas no. I mean yesterday? It was just CrAzY!! Church, church, church, of course. But we had meetings and we were teaching the Young Women and we had appointments overlapping.Woooo! I was soooo happy once we got to dinner because after dinner things started to slow down. Before that though, nope. It was all kinds of crazy. Fun, but crazy.
This week we found a donkey? Maybe? It’s kind of cute for a donkey, but it looks kind of pony-ish. I think it’s name should be Fred. Cute.
(oh yeah. I got my camera back. Yayyyy!!!!)
And I saw a coca-cola trailer thing so I took a picture of it for my mom…
It’s a pretty nice photo, if I do say so myself. Look at that POP from the red. Legit!
I also took a picture of a dead, creepy mammal thing. I think it might be a raccoon…but I’m not going to post that because it’s kind of weird.
It was pretty toasty this week. It was like 80 degrees on Saturday. I was like “what? I don’t understand this…” Because I didn’t need a coat. I don’t know anymore. 
We also met a girl that was one of the Elders’ investigators. So was SO. CUTE. I couldn’t handle. She’s only 9 but she was saying that another church around here is weird because the kids go off and play while the adults listen to the pastor. Good kid! 
This week was SO DARN WINDY! My companion was literally blowing away. It was hilarious. And annoying. It was a pencil skirt kind of week because as cute as she is, Marlyn Monroe is not the best missionary. Sorry. But there was pretty clouds….
“Is she really sending pictures of clouds….?” (Please say that in a Jim Gaffigan vocie). 
And yes. Yes I am. Get over it. It looks cool.
And just for the fun of it, here’s a picture of me.
I’ve been letting my hair be curly lately because between freak snow/rain storms and the wind, my hair doesn’t stand a chance looking good straight. So natural it is. 
I’ll finish off with a quote as usual, but because I have a camera, I’ll send it from the quote I found at the seminary building….
I love you all! have a good week! 
Sister Gale

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