Nayyyyyy! (That was my horse sound) {March 10, 2014}

Dear Kids and Lambs (get it? no? That’s too bad),

This week was jamming! It was like a spiritual rock concert, but better because your ears aren’t bleeding and ringing at the end. Yuh.
Friday was the baptism. And boy was it a baptism to go in the books! Normally, the entire baptism service is held in the Relief Society room because that’s where the baptismal font is. Usually, that room is perfect for seats and such. But this baptism? Hohoho no. Nope. We need the chapel! And let me tell you it was a full service! I’ve seen sacrament meeting with not as high of attendance as this baptism. The service was beautiful and the ward really did an amazing job helping us make sure this baptism was special. Sister T sang a beautiful duet, there were Mormon messages played, and I played the flute (always scary but still better than giving a talk!)
Saturday we helped a family on a ranch taking care of their ponies and horses. I even got to hold a new born pygmy goat! It was only two days old I believe. 
[insert photo of me holding goats :)]
I really liked the pony I brushed. His name was Bentley and we got along really well. I even braided his tail. I did a fish tail braid. It looked dang good if you ask me, but I’m not a professional pony-tail braider. I miss that pony already. We bonded real tight.
Lastly, yesterday my companion and I gave talks. No, sorry mom, we didn’t write them out so I can’t tell you at all what we said. We just winged it. People said it was good. I’m not too sure it was. Oh well! We’re giving talks this Sundays as well. Yayyy! Talks. (yay.)
I love you all! Keep doing good and follow the example of our Savior!
Sister Gale

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