What a surprise!

(I copied & pasted what my mom put on Facebook here)

I was at work today and got an unknown caller text of the first picture. I only had a quick glance and replied back. “Thanks. Is that Sister Gale’s new companion”? Then I looked again and quickly wrote back- “Oh wait that’s you”! I grew up in St. Louis and my BFF Sheila Banks from high school lives in Shelley, ID that I haven’t seen in 35 years. My daughter Sister Gale was just transferred to Ammon a week and half ago from Poky. I was the only LDS at school until she came along. Sheila decided to drive to Ammon today and was driving down the street and saw 2 sister missionaries. She was talking to a friend and told I think I know that sister (from my pictures on FB). So she did a couple u-turns and caught up to the girls and asked what is your name? Sister Hervoyavich. No the other one. That’s Sister Gale. “I know her”! So she parked the car and ran up and hugged Becky and said “I’m your mom’s friend”. I started crying at work when I saw the pictures.

The last picture is Sister Gale from Arizona and Sister Hervoyavich from Las Vegas. 2 girls used to being warm/hot in cold Idaho. I don’t even know Becky’s new address yet. Thanks again Sheila for the pictures.




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