AZ (Ammon Zone, get it? Punny….lol) {February 17, 2014}

Dear Caterpillars and Butterflies,

So this week was transfers and obviously Elder Bednar. It was SO WEIRD doing transfers. The whole packing deal? Yikes! 
So when we got to Ammon turns out they didn’t have housing for us yet, so we stayed with a member our first night and she was WAY out of our area. Not just a little out like I was down in Poky. But don’t worry. They found housing and we were able to move in the next day.
But the first day in Ammon was AMAZING! We were confused most of the day. But that’s okay. But we had a lesson set up for the evening. We went to the lesson not really knowing what to expect then we come in and right away I loved them. It was sweet and we were able to extend a baptism date with them and half of them accepted. First day. BAM! And to top the cake the member who set it up said they have been waiting for Sister Missionaries. Fasting, praying, etc. It’s kind of weird being the answer to someone’s prayers….
Elder Bednar:
It was a really neat experience. We took photos as zones before meeting with him and so we had to wait so we sang! It was fun singing primary songs with the other missionaries. Plus EVERY missionary in the IPM was in one building. Elder Bednar did kind of what I thought might might happen, but I still expected something different. He had us talk a lot I feel. Which makes sense! The best way to teach to get the learner to learn for themselves and just handing info over does NO good to anyone. It really was neat.
Kids say things:
“Please bless the Sister Marys”
-S. Nelson 2014
No photos this week. I don’t feel bad haha. No time to take pictures! 
Ammon looks a lot like some parts of Chandler/Mesa/Gilbert. It’s weird. Okay. I’ll write again next week. Til then, read your scriptures, pray to our Heavenly Father, anddddd….take some showers? Yeah! Love you all!
Sister Gale


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