From the Prez… {February 2014}

Dear Sister Gale,

I am pleased to extend an assignment to you to serve as Senior Companion.  The Lord has placed great trust in you by extending this assignment to you to serve as a leader in the mission. Our expectations for senior companions is as follows:

Strive every day to be exactly obedient to the standards of missionary conduct found in the Missionary Handbook. This includes following the missionary daily schedule.

Have effective personal and companionship study every day.

Be diligent and humble and effective in your work.

Have effective weekly and daily planning sessions including follow the 13 planning guidelines and updating the area book.

Love your companion and foster a spirit of love and unity in the companionship.

Counsel with your companion and make decisions unanimously.

Always remember that central to your purpose is to bring others unto Christ through baptism and confirmation.

It is a wonderful privilege to serve with you.  Remember that the Lord qualifies those whom He calls.  Seek Him and go forward with all your heart, might, mind and strength to bring souls unto Christ.


Marvin T. Brinkerhoff Mission President

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