Ammon! {February 10, 2014}

Dear Ammonites,
I’m being transfered!!!!! If you couldn’t guess, I’m going up to Ammon! “Pink”-washing! And I’m going to be Senior Companion. Ahahahah! I’m so SAD to leave my two wards on the hills in Poky! I’m going to miss them so much!! But yes. That part one of super exciting stuff.
Part two is happening this Saturday. The entire mission will come down to Poky for a meeting with Elder Bednar! We will be with him from 8am to noon. How cool, right? I’m still perplexed how I’ll get down from Ammon to Poky again. Eh! I’m not too worried. Things have a way of working themselves out here.
Last week I decided to donate blood (it was a boy’s Eagle Scout project and I just like donating blood). I didn’t pass out (not even once!) neither was I even dizzy! Yeah buddy!
Ummmm. I don’t really think much else happened this week. Sang at a baptism (I’ll have to send that video home sometime. Maybe. No promises). Almost got attacked by a dog. It was not a nice dog. And Felix cuddled on me (the cat. don’t worry.)
And this:
I tried to scare Sister Jacobson. I think I just confused her. Oh well. Worth it.
And the nursery in the stake center has this painting:
I particularly like the bird falling out of the tree and the white-haired baby kissing the bunny….(yeah).
Blahblahblah. Yes. I’m excited to see Ammon though. I hear it is colder. Perfect!!! 😀
Love you all!
Sister Rebecca Gale
Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 1.21.48 PM

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