I Can Sleep When I Die {February 3, 2014}

My Dear Brother and Sisters of Zion,

This week was CRAZZZYYYY!! Good work is paying off. And by paying off I mean life is exploding. Mission life. It’s crazy. I’m not going to talk too much about the first part of the week because the bulk of the crazies was the last three days. 
I don’t even know how to put it into words. It’s so BLLLAHHH!!! (In the best way possible obviously). When do I ever know how to put things into words though? Who even knows? I’ll try though.
Basically, our investigator “K” told me last week plans she had that would make it possible for her to be baptized before the next transfer and mum was the word. I wasn’t suppose to tell anyone for like a week. And I mean anyone! I wasn’t even suppose to tell my companion! But after she told her plans to my companion she announced she made the changes and she would be ready on Sunday to be baptized. We were told this Friday night. 
Now, needless to say, Sister Jacobson and I went coo-coo setting this all up. A day and a half! And we had big plans for it! You see there was a problem. Stake Conference was this weekend so we had to pretty much sneak in to use the font (we asked for permission. don’t worry). And the big plans is a big reason why this was happening before the end of the transfer. You see, a couple of her Elders that she LOVES are going home next week and she wanted them there. Elder Malau’ulu was down here already, easy. Just invite him to a fake baptism. But Elder Lopes was up in Idaho Falls. So we had to get the assistants to help us here. They called Elder Lopes saying President needed to have a “meeting” down here. And the meeting turned out to be her baptism and he was able to preform it! It worked out SO GOOD! Pretty much the best baptism of history.
Also. We have a new stake president so Elder Nash of the seventy was here. He was awesome. Here’s my District with him….and Elder Erikson(sp?)….
But yes! THIS WEEK! So. Good.
Love you all!
Sister Gale

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