Do you even have a Platypus? {January 27, 2014}

Dear Homestarrunners and Marzipans,

Don’t worry if you don’t get the title…or the Homestarrunner part….It’s okay. But yeah! This week was interesting. We tracted. A lot. And that means meeting colorful people. The one that sticks out most in my mind (other than the people slamming doors. Well…Idaho slamming. aka they open the door say no thank you and shut the door. Is that how normal people slam? I don’t even know). BUT. The door that sticks out most in my head is Myra the possible Meth Head! She gives great hugs. She said there’s a demon in her apartment but it’s okay, Jesus hangs out there too.  
Sister Jacobson and I are pretty much telepathic with each other. I mean we spend “26/7” with each other….(We were really tired and forgot how to math).
You know what missionaries really like? Referrals. I mean I love meeting random people. Really. I do. It’s entertaining. But tracting really is nothing more than entertainment sometimes. 
One in a THOUSAND doors knocked result in a baptism?
NOW YOU KNOW!! (Bill Nye the Science Guy anyone??)
But really. If we even have a name that number jumps from less than one percent to about eight percent! THAT’S CRAZYYYY! So if you know someone that you might even kind of think missionaries could meet with, invite them! If you do it with love, then they can’t be upset. Hasten the work, y’all!
Also there is HUGE news, but I’m not going to share it because it’s a secret for now. But it’s killing me! KILLLLLING me! WHHAAAA!
But I love it here. It do not understand how I’m on a mission. I was taking a Film Comedy class this time last year. How do I go from that to this? I don’t even know.
OH! I’ll have to tell y’all about this cat, Felix. I’ll have to get a photo of him. Pretty much the coolest cat ever. He is a little or a lotta handicapped. Bless his heart.
I love you all though! Hope to hear from you soon!
Sister Gale
aaaaand Tompkins. haha…I love Sister Jacobson and I quote it regularly.

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