It’s Weird {January 20, 2014}

Dear Someones,
So everyday I have a second where I think to myself, “Whoa. I’m on a mission. Weird….” Then I just contine on doing things. But really! It’s so weird that I’m on a mission. Think about it. I’m in Idaho to talk to people about Jesus Christ. Who does that? Seriously. I’m a twenty year lady person. Teaching about my beliefs in a time in the world where people think you should keep religion to yourself. I can’t even. But really though. I’m a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I am Sister Gale. But no one really cares what my name is. I’m a sister missionary for that “Mormon church.” When we get rejected, they’re not rejecting us, they’re rejecting our message. They don’t even let us introduce ourselves sometimes. So really I am just my nametag, if that makes sense. 
Sorry this week’s letter is actually short. I’m not too sorry though 🙂 But know I love you all. (I didn’t say y’all this time. Be proud). Annnndd yeah! You can do hard things! Si se puede!

Sister Rebecca Gale

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