“You can hate anything when you’re mad” -K. Jensen 2014 {January 13, 2014}

Dear People,

Good day my friends! This week was good. Love you!
Sister Gale
Just kidding. I’ll write more. Like usual I don’t really know what to tell y’all but that’s okay. The road of this letter will go who knows where.
Monday Sister Jacobson and I talked to a recent convert -David- and we were all bold and spicy and stuff and got him to hand over his “roll-ohs” (tobacco that he rolls I guess? I don’t know.) It was kind of fun walking over to the Ward Missionaries home with a tobacco bag. 
Wednesday we shoveled some random sidewalks. One of the houses we were shoveling the lady came out and she talked to us while her dogs used the restroom. We promised if she would read from the Book of Mormon everyday for the rest of the week she would get over her cold that she’s had for WEEEKS by the end of this week. We’ll have to go visit her again to follow-up ASAP.
Thursday we were able to teach a cute little family with a daughter that is of baptism age and when we asked when we could come back she goes, “Friday!” I guess she likes us 🙂 Cutie.
Friday we had companion exchanges so I left our area for the first time to spend a day with my sweet Sister Training Leader, Sister Riding. It was SUCH a good day. We made people cry (from the spirit obviously).
Saturday we met with a less-active girl and while we were talking with her, her non-member neighbor came over to get some milk. Before she left we were able to talk to her and she was asking PERFECT questions. The less-active girl said we were “wasting our breath” because the other girl “is not religious at all.” But she was just asking things like “I just don’t understand why there are so many churches. Shouldn’t there just be one?” We asked if we could visit her. She said no. BUT. She said when we were back at the less-active’s house she would come over. Yay!
Lastly Sunday!
Our dear Ariel was sick and wasn’t going to come to church until we had to tell her she needed to be there 3 times before her baptism that will be happening this Saturday, and that was going to be her 3rd. So she rushed to get there ASAP and made is JUST IN TIME for the Sacrament. I prayed before she got there and got a very calm feeling so I knew she would make it. I love prayer!
No photos again but there will be some next week. Love you all!
Sister Gale

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