Sick sick sick {January 6, 2014}

Dear people and stuff,

So this letter is going to be really short because I’m dizzy and don’t really know what’s going on. I got really sick Saturday night (I blame it on the 4 hours of tracting we did). We even had to call the Zone Lizards up at 2 in the morning to give me a blessing and I nearly passed out. It was awesome. But other than that the week was awesome. I got to Skype my family and it was chaos and stuff. Here’s some photos (don’t mind them if they aren’t framed nicely. I broke my camera’s screen haha…)
Sister Riding and I before the permanent exchanges.
Little Nativity
Sister Jacobson and I
Cool long exposure shot on one of our hills
Post broken camera. I’m not sure what Elder Duano is doing. But this is right after my first snow shoveling. Yay!
Knocking on a door. Oh wait…
Okay that’s all! Love y’all! Write me good things! Hope you had a merry Christmas and have a happy new year!
Sister Gale

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