The Week of Thanksgiving! {December 2, 2013}

(*I forgot to add this one, her email got placed in the wrong folder;)
Dear my lovely Turkeys,
     So obviously last week was Thanksgiving. It’s December already? I promise just yesterday it was August. Weird. Anyways! So we had “dinner” at 1pm. It was really good!! We ate at Sister Page’s home with her family and she is just the SWEETEST old lady ever. No joke. She reminds me of my Grandma gale so I love her. After stuffing our faces we went to hang out and do service with our zone. We just wrote letters to other missionaries, the missionaries in the wards we are serving in particular. That’s thanksgiving. It was good hah.
    I’ve been trying to learn the ukelele so I asked my zone leaders for some chords and then how to use the chords. Then one of me gave me his Children’s Songbook because it has chords in it so I can play Primary songs! Yay! BUT! I haven’t been practicing my uke because I’ve been busy with my flute. Why you ask? Let me tell you. It is because -wait for it- I’ll be playing for Zone Conference tomorrow! YEAHH! Prelude, accompaning two songs, and a solo. Zone Confernce? More like Sister Gale and her Magic Flute (and testimonies from “dying*” missionaries)
    I don’t feel like I have too much too report.
    Yes I do!
    Noah and Donvan will be moving ASAP (so sad..)….but their dad has become very committed to church (Jamie has made HUGE changes. He looks so much happier now compared to when we first met them) and they’re trying to move somewhere near by so hopefully if they aren’t with us, their in our stake or district (personally if they go to Pokey 3rd ward, I’d be very happy). DON’T WORRY THOUGH! Guess what Sisters set a date with Nathan?!?!? THESE SITERS! YEAHYEAHYEAHYEAH!!!! Nathan is the feller who reminds me of my good friend, James (aka Texas), from home so seeing Nathan being all Mormon and stuff makes my heart happy.
     So this is my report for the week. I love you all!
Sister Rebecca Gale

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