My Week {October 28, 2013}

Dear family and friends,
Yes. In case you were all on the edge of your seats the date set with Noah is OFFICAL. Pretty much facebook official. His little brother wants to be baptized too but he’s too young right now. He said the other day when we came in for a lesson,
“In two birthdays, I can dunk myself!!”
And we laughed and laughed because it was adorable. Cute kids. Both of them went to church yesterday with Noah’s scout leader person. They were very reverent during sacrament meeting and we have sacrament meeting last here so I was very impressed by them.
What else….
We talked with Liz some more. She’s been having a rough week. She’s not interested really in being a part of the church and she said she wouldn’t really like her kids to be baptized because they’re “too young” to decide that themselves. But we’re still going to work with her and visit her. She’s a sweetie and it’s good for her and her family to have us to talk to and learn from.
I’m excited for Halloween this week. Is that bad? We get to watch REAL movies that night! Space Jam and Wreck it Ralph. I’m excited. Real excited. This week is kind of like “fall break” because we have our normal Pday today and Halloween we get partial Pday WITH MOVIESSSS!! Cool beans, right?
That’s all for now though. Love y’all! Sorry I don’t really have any photos this week to give you.
Sister Gale

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