“Ghetto talk” free Letter {October 21, 2013}

Dearest Family and Friends,
And it came to pass that I, Sister Gale, being born of goodly parents have been asked of them to speak less like a whippersnapper. So behold, I shall do as they ask. This week I had exchanges again. That was neato. I’m glad to get the chance to learn from the Sister Training Leaders on different ways that my companion and I can find more people. Then, beholdeth, that on Saturday the Elders had yet another baptism and we were once again asked to give the Message of the Restoration. I think after doing so five times that I pretty much have that part down. At least when teaching it in front of a crowd…of missionaries.
Sister Lemons and I decided to walk home after the baptism. It was a lovely walk. Then a wild fiery serpent appeared in our midst! Sister Lemons caught him and I played with and held him all the way home. He did bite me at one point. That was awkward since he was without teeth. We named him “Tafallo” (that’s the fake way to say “talofah”). We wanted to keep him so we put him in a jar, but we being obident servents did let him go a while later so we could follow the white handbook with exact obedience. Here’s some photographs of the serpent. Isn’t he a cutie?
Later that day (whilst we still had Tafallo at home) we went our contacting. We had not one appointment set for the evening. We did knock on the door of Noah and behold, he was not home, but his father was. And it came to pass that we set 75% of a set for Noah through his dad (whom ist not interesting himself in the church). Behold, we have an appointment set with Noah son of Jamie tonight to make the date offical.
The work here is picking up. We do a lot of member teaching. We had an appointment with the Young Men last Wedsnesday to teach them how to be missionaries now and it went so well that the Relief Society has asked us to do the same for them. We just did a mini-mini MTC experience with them with Role Plays and all.
Behold the view off of Valleyview at night. Isn’t it lovely? I thought so.
OH! I forgot-est to mention the service we performed on Friday. We once again did some roofing but this time it wasn’t just a garage. No, no. It was a double-wide trailer home. We were there from nine in the morning to five in the evening and it still wasn’t even half way done with the shingles. Behold, I was-st up upon the roof and I was a master roofer.
That was my week. I don’t know what else to say. All is well on the western front.
Hermanita Gale

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