{October 14, 2013}

Dear Friends/Family/etc,
So I have some extra time to write because my inbox today was pretty low so I’ll do a 2 month update. I have offically been out on a mission for 2 whole months already! Crazy. I still know nothing. I don’t really have too much of technologic withdrawls which is good. It is getting pretty chilly though. Today’s high is 49 degrees. 49 degrees. for a high. in October. Is this what fall is suppose to be like? I don’t know. I don’t understand “cold.” But I did get to wear my boots yesterday because it was raining. That was exciting. It was REALLY cold the other day and REALLY windy and raining. I didn’t have my boots on for that or a real coat. I felt like a real missionary.
I taught a member family how to cut and eat an avacado yesterday. That was weird. I didn’t know that was a thing that people didn’t know.
The members here are super happy to have Sister missionaries, but they need to do something with that excitment. “Faith without works is dead” and so they need to stop being dead!
I don’t really know what all to report. The Church is true. Being a missionary is awesome. And Idaho is cold.
I was so proud.
Okay. Now I’m done.
Love you all!
Sister Gale

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