Halloween {November 4, 2013}

Dear Friends, Family, and etc.
So this week wasn’t all that exciting. We were planning on the baptism for Noah to be this weekend (11-9-13) but we haven’t met with him enough for that to happen so we have to push it back (probably for the last weekend in November).
The most exciting thing was probably Halloween. The night before I did rag curls. But I did them tighter than I usually do….so…in the morning they were a litttttle more curly than I expected it to be. So I brushed the curls out. BAD IDEA. I had an afro. Literally. Then Sister Lemons thought it would be a good idea to tease the curls more….this was the result….
Seriously. Clearly I wasn’t going to go out like that so I had to wash it out. I kid you not it took like 5 minutes for the water just to soak to all of the hair. Bad. Bad bad bad.
But on the bright side my skin is looking way better. Huzzah for Mary Kay!! (No kidding. I was worried I was going to have to do another round of accutane when I got home if it didn’t start getting better.
What an exciting letter, I know. Whatever. Deal with it. Love you all and hope you’re doing awesome!
Sister Gale

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