What? My name is… Who? My name is… (whicca whicca) Sista Gale {November 25, 2013}

Dear People in the “cold,”
Well well well. Transfers were this week and Sister Lemons and I gained a new adorbs companion, Sister Riding. We’re a happy little Tripanionship.
I didn’t do the planner thing again. Whoops. Doesn’t matter anyways because I don’t have my old planner on me anyways.
Lets see though.
I did change my hair. I went darker and more red. It’s a nice change (sorry dad).
There was some snow Wednesday night. Well, okay it was raining and there were some awkward, confused snow flakes in the mix. I wasn’t a huge fan of that just because I say either have rain or have snow. Not both at the same time. Goodness.
We contacted eight referrals this week (wahoo!). All of the people we talked to were kinda weird but this one girl that we contacted was totally drunk or high or SOMETHING when she answered the door. Our conversation was as follows…
“Hi! How are you tonight?” said the Sisters.
“Good. How are you dudes…” said the girl with a beach bum voice.
“We’re good! Well we’re the Sister missionaries for this area and going around meeting the people here. Is you mom home?”
“…..no. But she’s like super Christian so….” said the girl again like a beach dude. Then she exclamed to the child at her feet, “Son! Move!”
Awkward smiles and chukles from us Sisters, “well is ther a better time we could stop by and meet your family?”
“nah dudes…my mom is like super Christian…..bye”
It was interesting for sure. We wanted to say back emulating her beach-dude voice “Yeah….We’re like super Christian too”
She had lonnngg dark hair with patches/streaks of blonde and a cigarette in her ear. On her ear? Whatever.
Okay to talk about something less awkward. One of our less active girls that has been planning on going into the Marines annouced to us that she has second thoughts about going into the Marines and instead she’s thinking of going on a mission!! She gave us her e-cigg thingie to live the Word of Wisdom and has been studing her scriptures!
Here’s some good news/bad news. Noah’s baptism is being pushed back again from this Saturday to next (12-7-2013) BUT we commited his older brother to baptism too AND their dad went to church yesterday. WHATTTT. We do work in the PCZ!!! Che-whoo!
We’ve been killing hobos like crazy though. We’ve killed like 3 hobos in the last week. Now don’t worry we’re not breaking the sixth commandment, when I say hobos I mean hobo spiders (though there are a lot of real hobos here in Pokey. Bless their hearts…it’s coldd!)
I don’t know what else to talk about for this week. Our apartment is getting labeled up with Portuguese for our little Sister Riding. She’ll be going to Sao Paulo, Brazil. Just waiting on her visa.
But  I want y’all to know that I know the Church is true. Why else would I give up 18 months of my time to share with people what I know? I invite you all to study the Book of Mormon to know for yourself. And if you already know, study more and so you can get a stronger testimony.
I love you all and I’m so happy to have y’all as my friends and family.
Sister Rebecca “Jane” Gale

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