Ay-oh! Lets go! {November 18, 2013}

Dear Nouns that I love (I don’t know),
So I wasn’t as smart this week about writing down doobaleedos that happened. Whoops! So this week’s letter might be quite a bit shorter. That’s okay though, right? Right.
Anyways. The most exciting thing this week (other than getting my ukelele in the mail. and the ramen), was on Friday evening we did what is called a “blitz.” Alright, so a blitz is when a few sets of missionaries come to one area and just tract/attack for a certain amount of time. One of our wards has little to no work in it so we needed a blitz. The Sister Training Leaders and Zone Leaders came over to our (not so little) hill and we attacked for an hour. Just one hour.
Within that hour we knocked on a door that….
…was a member’s home. They offered us lots of juice, chips, and candy. We’ll be going to their house for FHE tonight.
….had people that weren’t interested.
….gave no answer even though we knew they were home.
….had more people not interested.
….had a nearly-nude old man answer (he had a REALLLLY short robe on. GAG!). He wasn’t interested.
….had an old man with an AWESOME moustash. He was married to a member lady who died of lung cancer. We’ll be coming back to visit more with him. His name is Gary and he’s awesome.
The Zone Leaders found us a family from, wait for it, CHANDLER!!! What up C-Town!!! I’m so excited to meet these people! We don’t teach them until Friday but shoot. I just want to be like “hey!” OH! They live on Mesa drive. From Chandler, live on Mesa. These people are cool. I already know it.
But yeah! Blitz-es are cool.
Yesterday was a SUPER LONG Sunday. We started with Ward Council at 7:30am, then another WC at 8:30 then church until 2pm, then choir until like 3:30pm. How many hours is that? Like 8. EIGHT HOURS. AND! We didn’t even have time to grab breakfast before leaving so we took candy from our Bishop’s office. Don’t worry. He gave us permission to steal it. Between our sacrament meetings we have about an hour break though (the 2nd ward is in the middle of their Sunday School so we don’t want to inturrupt). So a lady from the 1st ward (Sister Page aka the cutest, sweetest old lady EVERRR) took us to her house to grab some cereal. Man that was the best tasting peanut butter cheerios I’ve ever had (I’ve never had them before, but nevertheless they were so good).
I guess that’s it. Love you all and stuff!
Sister Gale

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