Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! {November 11, 2013}

Dear People of (not) Idaho,

So this week I did something different with my planner so I can actually remember what happened during the week. Maybe this email will be better then! But here it goes!
Let’s see….
Monday we had another Nerf-War. It wasn’t as fun as the first one, but there was snow outside! Or…well…”sky dandruff” because it didn’t stick or anything like that. But I was pretty excited. It stopped before I could get a photo of it. Oh well!
Tuesday Sister Lemons found some man underwear in one of our closet drawers. GAG! Oh my heck. I died. We also had a lesson with Noah that night and he said an AWESOME closing prayer. We were really proud of our little investigator. Annnnnd I danced for Sister Lemons and she recorded it. I might send it home. We’ll see. It was kinda terrible (as in I can’t dance for the life of me).
Wednesday we ate terrible. Breakfast was dorritos and a dream bar and lunch was cake and chips. Not our fault! The Zone Leaders made us a cake and dropped it off.
Thursday we had a service that grossed me out. We cleaned a house that was borderline Hoarders status. Ooooo….ooo…grosses me out just thinking about it again. We also met HoneyBooboo (not really. just a girl that looked/acted like her. No big deal). BUT we did meet someone that was on Jerry Springer. APPARENTLY the stories are all made up. Weird. I know. Who would have thought?
Friday we had President Interviews and we found out HUGE news. Each missionary will be getting mini iPads around March/April. AND WE’LL BE USING FACEBOOOOOOK! Yeah buddy! AND we’ll be allowed to take our iPads home! What??!?!?!? YEAH!!!
Saturday Sister Lemons and I got cat called. The boys nearly flew out their cars to yell at us. It was weird. We also had dinner with Harry Potter (not his name….) but he does have a sister named Jenny (not a wife named Ginny). He’s interesting. He’s writing a book this month and I totes want to read it. It’s some sci-fi book and it sounds super cool because the science in it sounds super cool and stuff. I’d explain it but it’d take too long for this email.
Lastly yesterday while sitting in our first sacrament meeting I was thinking about our mission president’s wife then BAM!!! They show up to our meeting. I was like WHOA. It was a huge surprise. A good one though.
That was my week. Was this letter better? I don’t know. It was certainly longer. Love you all!
Sister Gale

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