Achoooooo! Sniffle sniffle {December 9, 2013}

My Dear Gumdrops,
Winter is FINALLY real. There was so much snow this week! I can’t even handle it. And by “can’t handle it” I really mean that I love it. It’s so weird! I don’t understand where all the snow comes from. One hour the streets are normal and the next it’s covered in fluffy, white snow. LOVE! I guess it’s easy to love it from inside though. All three of us Sisters in our sweet little appartment got sick this week. Some more than others. But we couldn’t go outside in our condition with the weather conditions. Wah-wah-wah. At least we got a chance to study a lot and to go into our video library and see what resources we have video-wise! (Some of those videos really need to be updated by the way. I don’t think anyone could really learn from some of them with the distrations of cheesy music and awesome 80s hair/outfits. Someday.) Also, I was able to practice my ukelele a lot being confined to the appartment. I have sore finger tips to prove it! I’m getting better. I feel my hands are too small sometimes. I need finger extenders.
So Zone Conference was fun. I was okay on my flute I feel. I did get a lot of compliments so maybe I did better than I felt. Who knows. Ain’t no big deal though.
Our two wards had their Christmas parties this weekend. One on Friday and one on Saturday. We helped with the one on Friday (even though maybe we shouldn’t have with our sickness but we washed our hands A LOT. Meh.) There was snow on Friday, but not that much. But on Saturday, our hills were coated. Yeah. So. We had to get a ride and the car couldn’t make it up the hill so we had to hike up, in the snow (it was still snowing by the way), up the hill, while sick. It was AWESOME! I felt like a true missionary. We had to leave that party early due to one of my sweet companions up-chucking within 30 minutes of being there. Whoops!
We’re expecting our little Noah to be baptized this weekend. They did move, but they are still planning on baptism so that makes us really happy. I’m excited for our little guy!!
That’s pretty much my week though! We’ll be going to the temple tomorrow for Sister Lemons’ departing temple trip which is ALWAYS good. I love you all and hope to hear from each of you soon!
Sister Gale
A doodle I did of the Elders and my companions from our stake. And my District Leader and Elder Soren.
Cold morning. No big deal.
The start of snow outside our apartment (ours is the one just down the stairs). There’s a ton more snow now. I just got excited so I took this one
Walking in the snow with Sister Riding to a ward cooralation meeting. I look like a marshmallow in my coat, but that’s okay. I was warm.
Sister Riding and I looking all happy in the snow. Yeah!
And Elder Duano with an eye patch.
Here is all of us missionaries emailing. Mind you this is only one room of the Family History Center. The other room is bigger and still completely full of us missionaries.
Hope these photos will suffice y’all!
Love again,
Sister Gale

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