**Silver and GOLD** {December 23, 2013}

My Dear Gingerbread Men, Women, and Children,
THIS WEEK! I can’t even put it into words. Oh my lanta. I don’t even know what order to talk about this things! Lets start with really exciting, but the most exciting for last. Sound okay? Mind you these aren’t going to be in time order. Sorry I’m not sorry! Or maybe not really any order at all…but whatever. That’s fine. My thoughts are all over the place anyways!
So! One of our less-actives FINALLY opened up more to us. She was asking about if she were to come back to church what her repentance process would be like. Now most of y’all don’t know her, but for me this was a HUGGEEE deal. HUGE! I just love her and her boyfriend. They are awesome.
Kristie went to church! She hasn’t been in ~1.5 years and was all nervous to go by herself and such BUT SHE WENT! And later she sent us a text saying we were right and going to church was exactly what she needed. BOOM!
Randy! We were suppose to meet with her at night but she worked so she actually called us and said she could meet right then. We got a ride up the hill and taught her like crazy! It was awesome.
We got to meet Simba! He was really interesting! He had a talk show back in the day and he talked to us about “Jesus killers” and Fascism. But he said “we cool” and “we’s homies.” After talking with him I needed to use the bathroom so we knocked on a door andddd I went potty at a Jehovah’s Witnesses’ home. We had a little discussion with the wife and she talked about government a lot too. It was fun!
This is the story of Ariel the Golden Investigator:
We knocked on her door and she asked if we were missionaries. And we said no. (Just kidding)
We said yeah! And she said “excuse the mess but come on in.”
And we got to know her and stuff and taught the Restoration and the Spirit was SUPER strong and we invited to to be baptized and she said yes! Then we handed her a copy of the Book of Mormon and she said “Yeah, I was going to ask you where I could get ahold of one of those!”
The first meeting with her was on Wednesday and we’ve met with her EVERYDAY since we met her! She’s so cute. When we taught the Word of Wisdom we went over the do-not’s and then said the do’s like eating veggies and getting exercise then we commited to live it and she said, “yes, but I have a hard time eating my veggies and I don’t always exercise….” I died. She’s like German from the District. We went carolling last night with some members of the other ward and she went with us. We had to leave early for our dinner but she wanted to stay with them! She’s getting fellowshipped like crazy. The Davis’ bought her some scriptures and put her name on them, the Relief Society brought over some goodies for her, a single mom sat with her in Sunday School and Sacrament meeting. UGH! SHE’S PERFECT. Why can’t everyone be like her?
She’s 21, a single mom of a 13 month old, and going through a divorce. She’s been wanting church in her life and she feels so good and happy about ours. I LOVE HER SO MUCH!
That was my week though! OH! And we got ten lessons with a member present! That’s a huge deal too. Our record before that was six. AWESOME! I’ll be calling my family on Wednesday and I’m just buzzing with the Spirit.
Merry Christmas everyone! I love you all!! I hope to hear from y’all soon!!
Sister Gale

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