Finally!! {December 16, 2013}

Dear Ladies, Germs, and Seminary Teachers,
     This week was GREAT in the good o’ IPM. We had a departing temple trip for Sister Lemons last Tuesday. It was pretty cool driving up to Idaho Falls with our Mission President and his Wife. Then, of course, going through the temple with them. Man. I just love the temple. Then later that day we had a short District meeting then a baptism interview for our dear little Noah. Don’t worry. He passed. While we were waiting for him we played “Mother May I” with Noah’s older brother, Donavon, his little brother, Jammie (yes, it’s spelt like that), and his dad. Little Jammie was SO CUTE. Every time he wouldn’t say “mother may I?” he would just say “can I??” all cute-like. As a six year old would. SO cute.
On Wednesday there’s not much to talk about. Except I think maybe our dinner’s son winked at me when we shook hands? That was weird. I didn’t react and my heart is totally locked so it wasn’t a big deal. Just pretttttty weird.
Friday we went to our church building to go to the library and make some copies of baptism programs and invites for Noah. While we were fixing them up and cutting them we watched “Noah’s Christmas Gift” and “Called to Serve.” Nora’s Christmas Gift was pretty funny. I liked the part where she was conducting the MoTab. Then Sister Lemons started crying while watching Called to Serve during the part where everyone was going home.
Photo proof.
Later that night after meeting with our sweetheart less-active, Kayla, we got a surprise call from the Sister Training Leaders. Turns out the original plan of Sister Riding and I staying together the last two weeks of the transfer was changed. I’ll will be getting Sister Jacobson on Tuesday night and Sister Riding will be going with her companion to be the new STL. I’m pretty sad about it, but I know that my Mission President is inspired so as sad as I may be, I know that it will help light this area on FIREEE (with the Spirit obviously).
THEN SATURDAY. Our little Noah was baptized!! His dad was able to do the baptism and it was awesome! We had Zone Training right after so our entire Zone was able to be there to support Noah and us. We also had a pretty good turn-out from the ward from the invites we passed out the night before.
This is Jammie and Noah. Noah doesn’t really smile for photos. But I got one of him smiling.
Isn’t he just the most adorable? Ugh! Can’t handle. Love this Child of God.
The Elders got a hold of my camera during the baptism and took some goofy photos….
After the baptism we had a small ward goodbye party for Sister Lemons then dinner with the Elders in our Stake and the Stake High Councilman. It was good. Then we got haircuts from a less-active woman from the Elders’ area. She was awesome. I let her chop off a lot of my hair.
Took this photo like two seconds ago.
I just love my mission. It’s hard, don’t get me wrong, it’s REALLY hard. But I’m learning a lot. I feel like my “Mission Life” is teaching me a lot about our Earth Life and our Heavenly Father’s Plan of Salvation. Really. It’s weird. Our Earth life is to teach us and prepare us for our lives after this life and my Mission Life is teaching me things to use in my life after it. Think of how great of parents return missionaries are! How great their testimonies! I’m so excited for all the Sisters because that means there will be more families with TWO return missionaries for parents. The world is attacking the family, so we better fight back strong. And we are! I love the saying that a mission isn’t the best 18 months/two years of your life; they are the best 18 months/two years FOR your life. Anyone THINKING of going on a mission should just go. You won’t regret it if you go, but you might if you don’t.
I love you all and love this gospel. Hope to hear from y’all soon!
With Love,
Sister Gale

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