{August 20, 2013} to dad

Hi Daddy!

     The MTC is AWESOME!! AND SISTER HANCOCK IS MY COMPANION!!! WAHOO!! She apparently knows Uncle Kenny and Aunt Kit. They were in her ward back in the day. I was talking to some elders today in the laundry room and they’re going to their mission. I leave the MTC the 27th. I forgot when they get here. I got y’alls DearElder letters yesterday. I was on the verge of having to give you guys a scripture verse. It was Alma 60:6. (Elder Egderly from Alabama gave it to us. He’s kind of like Blake. Interesting Elder.) There are six total sisters in my district and we’re all leaving to Pokey so that’s cool. I love them all. There’s Sister Madsen, Simmons, Nesmith, Hancock, Faagai (Fa-na-ee), and me. And in our Zone there’s like 4 other sisters going to Pokey, the others in their district are going to Hawaii. Two of the other zonies going to Pokey are from Gilbert. It’s crazy.
     So I guess you heard my grand first mission adventure. NINE HOURS at the airport! NINE! It was just boring. Sister McLean and I did say multiple prayers that we would be able to get a flight. So we missed boarding like by 3-5 minutes. Dumb. That was the 7:40 flight. Then we were standby for the 10:40 flight and that one was bookedddd. We were able to get booked for the 1:40 flight, but that was delayed by an hour. It wasn’t too bad. I wasn’t worried. I had Sister McLean and I knew I would have a cool story to tell you people back at home. When we finally got to Salt Lake City there was a sign made for us and her family was waiting to take us to the MTC. They were super nice. I felt like I was getting missionary benefits already.
     My days have been LONNGGG. We wake up about 6am usually to go do a workout class (I like the yoga. but kickboxing is cool too), then we shower and “paint the barn”, then STUDDYYY for like 2 hours, then 3 hours of class, then 30 minutes for lunch, then 3 hours of class, then 1 hour of zone teaching, then dinner, then study for 2 hours, then bed. In our classes we do the role playing thing with our teachers, they’re our P.I.s. Brother Carter (our afternoon teacher) plays as his friend Earl AND LET ME TELL YOU. Earl is frustrating. He doesn’t talk enough and it’s hard to ask him the right questions to draw him, out. Our other investigator is for our TRC (I don’t know what that stands for) and his name is Arnold Young. HE IS SO COOL. We’ve only taught him once but it was AMAZING. It was only suppose to be 45 minutes but we ended up talking like 10 over our time.
     Sunday we had a devotional and it was Vai Sikahema (yes I know he’s an awesome football player, news dude) and he was a hoot. It was very motivating. Sister Hancock and I were PUMPED after. Then we got to watch a devotional from Elder Bednar from Christmas called the Character of Christ. He was being sassy.
      RELIEF SOCIETY. WAS. SO. COOL!!!!!! THERE’S NEW LYRICS FOR AS SISTER IN ZION AND WE WEREN’T EXPECTING THEM. YOU NEED TO LOOK THEM UP AND SEND THEM TO ME. They say something about serving next to the Army of Helamen and that there’s more of us than ever before. UGHHH! SO GOOD.
     I would send you pictures but I’m not sure if I can connect to this computer so it’ll have to wait. There a painting of Joseph Smith that looks like Nickolas Cage and another one where he has some sassy hair. There’s a tree that smells like cream soda. Ummm. The ice cream is whipped. The chocolate milk is good, but it could be more chocolately.
     That’s all for now. It’s too hard to write everything. I feel I’ve been here for weeks because there’s just SO MUCH TO DO.
     I Love you!!! HOPE YOU’RE TAKING CARE OF POKEY. SEND ME A PHOTO OF HER! I’ll have to send a list of things I need sent over.
With Love n stuff,
Sister Gale

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