Funny Story and Photos {September 9, 2013}

Ay so I finally got the nerves to share a thought at dinner with the family feeding us then some how after I was done we got on the topic of electronics evolving. Tapes to cds to mp3s….radio, b&w tv color tv….cellphones with screens, to colored screens….etcetc. So then I thought of colored gameboys. BUT. I mixed my words up just a litttttle. I may or may not have said “oh yeah! like when colored playboys came out!” The Spanish speaking Elders and Sister Lemons DIED. I was so embarassed! Goofing up MY OWN LANGUAGE! Dumb. Anyways here are some of my photos (I have to wait for Elder Malau’ulu to give my card reader back. He’s one of my zone lizards).
here’s just a couple photos. Our ride is going to be here soon so i can’t add too many or talk about them much.
Someone needs to find me the CD by Jenny Philips with the song Arise and Shine Forth. please and thank you! I need a lot music. i can use a flash drive on our little DVD player. I’d like musicals and other good stuff like that.
The photo with ice cream was my birthday.
I don’t remember what photos I put in already. WHOOPS! Oh well. enjot all the same! The jungle stuff is the ice cream shop. yeah! love you!

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