{August 26, 2013}

This might be complicated. Oh well.


My Hippo on my bed with my name tag


My class room. You can kind of see the awkward Nick Cage looking Joseph Smith


All of my district (58B whut up) Top Row: Me :), Sister Hancock, Sister Madsen, Sister Simmons, Sister Faagai, Sister Nesmith
Bottom row: Elder Sincere, Elder Zollinger, Elder Card, Elder Edgerly, Elder Wilkinson, Elder Mauermon
THIS JOSEPH SMITH OH MY GOSH SO AWK. Every time I see him I’m like “wut”


This is the cream soda tree. Ye-uhs

Oh. This. Well you see us sister of IPM District 58B lifted up one of the tiles of our room to see if anyone left anything up there. Nope. Soooo we left a little note on the back of one of the tiles. Don’t judge. We all love it.


Annoyed on P-day doing computer stuff


See? So annoyed. We had to watch health videos. This was the second set. The first video was literally 10 minutes about how to wash your hands. This one was another 10 about drinking water and getting approved water bottles. There was a total of like 10 videos like this….

untitled-2 untitled-0436

Sister Faagai, Sister Hancock, Me, Sister Nesmith. We lost Sister Madsen and Sister Simmons

This is getting really annoying to try and send these darn things!


Sister Hancock and I at the big map thingie


This is just a pretty flower with a bee on it near the temple. I just thought it was a pretty photo.


Cool statue

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